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Carlos Dias’ Video-blog Introduction

If you don’t master the practical components of greatness and don’t know how to do the right things right the first time, then you don’t even get to play the game in this new complex and turbulent world.  You have forfeited the ability to shape your own future, which means you are allowing your competitors to shape it for you.  Instead, to control your own destiny, you and your business need to adjust your paradigms, the invisible sets of rules that do two things: defines your boundaries and tells you how to behave inside the boundaries to succeed in this extraordinary complex, and challenging world. This is the goal of this weekly video blog: to show you the practical (concerned with action rather than with theory and ideas alone) skills to adjust your paradigms and thus achieve greatness.

We are confident that you will find each of these proven practices and strategies easy to apply to your business to reach greatness. Don’t forget to email your questions, thoughts, and comments to carlosd@carlosdias.com.  Carlos is committed to responding to each of you as soon as he is able. Thanks!

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How to improve your business performance, Number 1 in a series

How to improve your business performance

What If Everything You Think You Know About Your Business Is Wrong

Are you a leader or a laggard?

Your business…

It's not just a mechanism for generating commerce.

It’s your ultimate asset… the quintessential creator of wealth for you and your stakeholders.

Yet many laggard CEOs allow their businesses to severely underachieve their market opportunity.

But just look around – and look honestly. You'll find a select group of leader CEOs who are outperforming the rest.

It's the same economy for them, so why are they creating off-the-chart growth, while you’re in the doldrums?

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