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Carlos Dias’ Video-blog Introduction

If you don’t master the practical components of greatness and don’t know how to do the right things right the first time, then you don’t even get to play the game in this new complex and turbulent world.  You have forfeited the ability to shape your own future, which means you are allowing your competitors to shape it for you.  Instead, to control your own destiny, you and your business need to adjust your paradigms, the invisible sets of rules that do two things: defines your boundaries and tells you how to behave inside the boundaries to succeed in this extraordinary complex, and challenging world. This is the goal of this weekly video blog: to show you the practical (concerned with action rather than with theory and ideas alone) skills to adjust your paradigms and thus achieve greatness.

We are confident that you will find each of these proven practices and strategies easy to apply to your business to reach greatness. Don’t forget to email your questions, thoughts, and comments to carlosd@carlosdias.com.  Carlos is committed to responding to each of you as soon as he is able. Thanks!

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Discover Your Real Path to Sales and Profit Growth, and Identify New Possibilities To Reach Your Goals, “Z-Chart” Scenario Builder Calculator

“Z-Chart” Scenario Builder Calculator

Discover Your Real Path to Sales and Profit Growth, and

Identify New Possibilities To Reach Your Goals


This is the second video in a series inviting you to experience a few of the Predictive Scenario Builders, known as What-If Strategic Calculators ™, I use with my clients to create meaningful strategic change and sustainable profitable growth in their corporate family businesses. 

These tools are proven to change the conversation and strategic focus of businesses I work with and improve all aspects of the business.  You can view the first video and access the first tool introduced in this series, The Customer Retention Calculator, at this link.

The Z-Chart

Today I am introducing you to the powerful Sales Growth and Forecasting Calculator known as the “Z-Chart.”

In today’s fast moving and ever changing business landscape, CEO’s must pay careful and more detailed attention to sales, profits and cash flow than ever before.  After all, CEO’s are responsible for the ultimate success or failure of their organization. 

To set strategic direction, CEOs must truly understand the influences external to their organization so they can determine the appropriate allocation of human and financial resources inside the organization.  Only then can CEOs truly make the crucial strategic decisions of what business they are in, should be in, should not be in, and the timeframe to make the necessary and impactful pivots in the strategic direction necessary for their business to thrive.

Your People Pay Attention to What You Pay Attention To

In this competitive age of employee attraction and retention, CEO engagement in the real matters of the business keeps employees engaged.  A CEO who cares creates a corporate culture which cares.   Your focus becomes their focus.

Can you see why now, more than ever, your corporate success is dependent on you knowing the key metrics impacting your growth, and leveraging your experience and powerful position in your business to help steer toward the most impactful changes?

I created the Z-Chart to be an early warning system for CEO’s and their management teams so they can quickly identify where you are relative to your forecasts.  The Z-Chart serves as an early warning system so you, as CEO, can quickly identify changing trends before your competition, and a tool to use when assessing what adjustments in strategy will have the greatest impact toward your performance goals.

In today’s video, you will discover

  1. Why the contribution margin is critical to a CEO’s success
  2. The 3 concepts addressed by the Z-Chart to create a competitive advantage for any company using it to monitor their performance
  3. How to use the Z-chart to quickly identify your performance relative to your forecasts, and the strategies you can employ right away to “right your ship” and meet your goals...even if you are far into the year.

Now I invite you to access the Z-Chart by registering at this link (our LMS) and enter in the how did you about us field the word "blog".  We will give you 30 days of access to the Forecasting your Sales Using the Z-Chart course.  In this course, you can follow along with the video as I explain how to use the Z-Chart in your business.

If you wish to see the video, you can watch it below (Forecasting your Sales with the Z-Chart).

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